The International Theravãda Buddhist Missionary University is situated on the Dhammapãla Hill, Mayangon Township, in  Yangon, Union of Myanmar. It was inaugurated on 9 December 1998, under Ministry of Religious Affairs with these objectives :

(a) to study and comprehend the canonical texts of Theravãda Pitaka as approved successively by the Fifth and Sixth Buddhist Councils held in Myanmar. 

(b) to abstain from evil deeds and practice good deeds.

(c) to promote the four modes of sublime living (Brahma-vihara dhamma) which would lead to the establishment of peaceful and prosperous world and

(d) to train more missionaries endowed with good morality, to be well-versed in Pitaka literature to have experience in meditation practices.

ITBMU's 1st Ph.D Degree Holder

Dr. NOdhinãna for the academic year 2005-06

University Council Meeting of the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University Held

University Council Meeting No.1/2012 of the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University was held at 1:00 am on 21-10-2012 at the ITBM University, Mayangone Township, Yangon Region. According to the agenda, Bhaddanta Nandamālābhivaṁsa, Aggamahāpandita, Rector of ITBMU delivered admonitory words (Ovādakathā).
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Donation of Computer to ITBM University

The Ceremony for the donation of Computers from Jeollanam-Do Office of Education (JOE), Republic of Korea to the ITBM University was held in the morning on 3rd November, 2012 at the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University. At the Ceremony Superintendent Dr. Jan Man Chae and Reverend Dr. Kim Bho Sup donated the 150 sets of computers and accessories to the ITBMU, The Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Union of Myanmar. Dean Sayadaws, Pro-Rector (Admin), Directors and responsible personals attended the ceremony.
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