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Dr. Bhaddanta NandamÈlÈbhivaÑsa (Rector)

Dr. Bhaddanta NandamÈlÈbhivaÑsa, Rector of International TheravÈda Buddhist Missionary University was born in 1939. He was educated at VipassanÈ GhandÈrÈma Monastery, MahÈ visuddhÈrÈma Taik Thit in Mandalay. He passed the religious examinations with distinctions. He got DhammÈcariya at the young age of sixteen. Because of his brilliant performance in scriptural studies, he continued to get prestigious titles such as ?bhivaÑsa CetÊya~gana Pariyatti DhammÈcariya GantavÈcaka, ?bhivaÑsa Priyatti SÈsanahita DhammÈcariya and Vinaya PÈli PÈragu. He got his M.A. from Kalaniya University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and he received his doctorate from the same University. He is also the Rector of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing. Because of his experience in scriptural teaching, the government conferred upon him the religious title AggamahÈ GantavÈcaka PaÓÉita in 1996 and AggamahÈ PaÓÉita in 1999.


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